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Indian head massage. ihm_male

What is Indian head massage?

This relaxing massage treatment involves work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, face, ears and scalp. The massage is performed whilst you are seated and fully clothed and is traditionally performed without oil. Treatments will always be tailored according to your specifc requirements and certain areas can be avoided altogether depending on personal preference. For example some people don't like their ears being touched or want to avoid their hair being messed up if they are going straight back to work.

Indian head massage. ihm_female

What are the benefits?

Desk jobs, long working hours, poor posture and stress can all lead to a build-up of tension in the upper body with the neck, shoulders, upper back and even the jaw being particularly prone to stiffness and pain. Indian head massage can help to relieve stress and ease tired and aching muscles whilst helping to clear the head and re-focus the mind.

Some of the specific physiological and emotional benefits of Indian head massage include:

• Relief from tension in face, neck, shoulders, back and upper arms
• Increased mobility in neck and shoulders
• Feelings of wellbeing and deep relaxation
• Relief from physical and emotional stress
• Improved concentration
• Reduction in headaches, insomnia, bruxism, eyestrain
• Relief from sinus congestion
• Improved hair health (including helping with hair loss, thinning and alopecia)

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